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First, there was SPK®, super performance kraft, and now there’s SPX® – an even tougher, stronger paper for two-ply, multi-wall packaging. SPX® and SPK® are tough enough to meet the environmental challenge of reduced packaging. They meet the need for increased speed in bag manufacturing.

And, they do both at lower cost. These papers handle sophisticated printing and graphics well because of their light, even colour providing excellent product presentation. Together, SPX® and SPK® keep bag converters on the cutting edge from North America to Europe to Latin America. They’re two super performers

Canadian Kraft Paper Products

Our papers utilize 100% virgin fibre from Canada’s northern forests.

Canadian Kraft Paper (CKP) produces specialty grade unbleached sack kraft paper providing consistent high performance to meet the tough demands of today’s packaging requirements.
Our papers utilize 100% virgin fibre from Canada’s northern boreal forests. This slow growing virgin fibre provides tremendous strength characteristics for our papers – the best available in North America.

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