Canadian Kraft Paper Industries Ltd.

Public Forestry Awareness

Throughout the year company staff attend a variety of functions to promote the public awareness of forestry, forest management and CKPI. Activities include f presentations to specific user groups, public schools, community colleges and universities, as well as forestry field tours to interested groups.

CKPI has made a commitment under our Sustainable Forest Management Plan to provide relevant information and educational opportunities to interested parties to support their involvement in the public participation process, and increase knowledge of ecosystem processes and human interactions with forest ecosystems.

An article on management of the allowable annual cut is included in the 2015 newsletter, an article on forestry roads is included in the 2014 newsletter.

A summary report on the value of Coarse Woody Debris on the forest at the stand level was included in the newsletter (CKPI Woodlands Newsletter - Highlights of 2012)

In 2013 the use of herbicide in forest management became a topic of concern in some local communities. A background document on why and how herbicide is used by CKPI is available here - Glyphosate CKPI Background Information.

A background paper answering frequently asked questions about the use of herbicide in forestry can be accessed here, this link will take you to the Natural Resources Canada website - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On the Use of Herbicides in Canadian Forestry