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Operating Plan

The Operating Plan (OP), formerly known as the annual harvest and renewal plan, is a requirement of the Forest Management License Agreement and the Manitoba Forest Act, is submitted to Manitoba Conservation for approval. The document ‘Manitoba’s Submission Guidelines for Forest Management Operating Plans’ (Manitoba Conservation, 2011) guides the development of the OP.

The Annual Plan provides a 3-year projection of forest management activities within the Forest Management License Area (FMLA). The plan contains detail with respect to wood supply, access development, harvesting and forest renewal activities planned for the upcoming two years. Contingency areas are identified to ensure adequate areas are available for harvest should the planned progression of harvest be interrupted due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.

Following the approval of the Operating Plan, and prior to any work commencing within the FMLA, work permit applications are submitted to Manitoba Conservation for each planned operation. The work permit application outlines the site specific details of the planned activity.

Documents provided in PDF format unless noted otherwise.

Operating Plan

2015-2016 Operating Plan - 11.1MB

Forest Management Annual Reports