Canadian Kraft Paper Industries Ltd.

Kraft Unbleached SPX® Velocity

SPX® Velocity offers these additional advantages:

  • Shorter Sack - SPX® Velocity air permeability means no requirement for internal void space in sacks during filling. This allows converters to shorten the bag length, reducing the sack size.
  • Clean Packaging - No perforations eliminates dust and keeps the bag surface clean.
  • Rapid Filling - Porous paper is superior to perforation for air evacuation. The faster air is evacuated from a pasted valve sack, the faster it can be filled and palletized.

End Uses

SPX-Velocity high performance extensible kraft paper is characterized by balanced high strength in both the machine and cross direction with a high degree of air permeability (porosity).

SPX-Velocity Premier high performance Kraft paper has exceptionally high tensile energy absorption (TEA) in both the cross and machine direction. Combined with high porosity and very good runnability, this paper is ideal for pasted valve sacks for powdered material. Without the need for perforations, where faster filling and cleaner packaging is required, the result is a more cost effective packaging solution.

Porous paper is used mainly for pasted valve sacks when no perforations are used and high air permeability is desired. Porous paper is growing in demand where there is a need for faster filling and cleaner packaging. It is a more cost effective packaging solution.

Fibre Source

SPX-Velocity and SPX-Velocity Premier are manufactured with a blend of virgin fibre from Black Spruce and Jack Pine. These northern slow growing woods have exceptionally high strength potential. Canadian Kraft Paper Industries LTD. fibre is harvested and replanted in accordance with sustainable forest management practices under CSA, PEFC, and ISO 14001 environmental quality control standards.

Quality Systems

SPX-Velocity and SPX-Velocity Premier quality is controlled with a comprehensive management system registered to the ISO 9001 and incorporating elements of environmental (ISO 14001) and employee health and safety (OHAS 18001) management systems. Canadian Kraft Paper Industries LTD. are manufactured in compliance with FDA as per 21 CFR 176.170 and 176.180, CONEG heavy metals and toxics, German recommendation XXXVI, 94/62/EEC certifications and are certified Kosher. This paper meets the requirements for packaging recoverable by composting and degradation ISO 17088 (2008) and EN 13432 2000. Certificates of compliance to all applicable regulatory requirements will be supplied upon request.

Kraft Papers Spec Sheet

Download the Kraft Papers Spec Sheet for more information - PDF